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Q: Why is the Color Stories logo black? Isn’t your blog about color?
A: When all colors from the spectrum are mixed together, what color do they all form? Black, of course. This is the reason why we kept the logo to just black. It’s the most logical color choice and it also lets our color palettes shine! They are, after all, one of the stars of our site.

Q: I love your color palettes! May I share the palettes and use it as reference for my projects?
A: Sure, we love that you love the palettes on Color Stories! The color palettes developed on this blog is meant to be shared and used as a design tool, whether you are an interior designer, product design, or fine artist. When shared on social media or elsewhere online, a reciprocal link back to the Color Stories site is much appreciated.

Q: Are the images on your site your own?
A: Although we strive to use original content created for the Color Stories website, we often use professional images that are licensed under Creative Commons Zero. As the blog matures, look for more a mix of images that are created only for the blog and professional images with the CCZ license. If you are a photographer and would like to submit your photo for consideration for the Color Stories blog, please get in touch.

Q: Are the colors in your palettes compatible with Pantone colors?
A: The colors in our palettes are displayed on this blog in HEX colors, which is based on the RGB color properties of all monitors. As the blog matures, they will be available in other color properties.

Q: How do you select the colors in your palettes?
A: All of the colors in our palettes are created with a keen reference for harmony and the story those tones weave, each carefully interpreted to express an emotional connection. Digital auto color palette tools and generators can’t interpret these details and none of our color palettes were created using the automatic generator method. It lacks a human touch and the storytelling aspect of every color palette.

Q: There’s 5 colors in your palettes. Should I use all of the colors?
A: The 5 hues that are part of every color palette can be used together as a family. There’s always an anchor tone to balance the highlighted tones. However, within each of these color palettes are tones that can be grouped into a 2-color combination, 3-color combination or 4-color combination. When you work with one of our color palettes, there’s already built-in a flexibility for creating a cohesive product line or artwork that is harmonious.

Q: May I show you something I created using one of your palettes?
A: Yes! We love seeing the color palettes in use, whether it’s applied to a products, artworks, crafty projects, home decor, design projects, or anything else! Be sure to tag us on Pinterest (@ccolorstories) and/or Facebook with the hashtag #createdwithcolorstories so that we can share it with other color lovers, or send us the link via email.

Q: Do you accept color palette or photo submissions?
A: At this time, we are not accepting color palette submissions, but if you are a photographer and would like to submit your photo for consideration for the Color Stories blog, please get in touch.


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