As part of our collaboration with Artsy, we discovered the works of Lajos Tscheligi, an Hungarian-Swiss painter (1913–2003) and immensely mesmerized by his use of color in his paintings. In further discoveries, we learned that “as a boy Tschelig found colors, shapes and sounds magical” and we can surely see how his fascination with them influenced his work. Tscheligi created his own color theory based on his research, thoughts, feelings, and experiments with compositions and their meaning.

“The five fingers of the hand represent the five colors. White is the beginning, black is the end, but for me neither black or white is a color. Blue symbolizes the infinite, the cosmos, the mystical. Red is the color of love, the articulation of life, but also the color of selfishness. Yellow is the color of the sun. With these three colors including black and white, I try to make my images. I connect my first with my last finger, symbolizing the beginning and the end of life: the birth white and death black.”

It’s a fascinating philosophy on color! Discover more about Lajos Tscheligi.

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